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To all of the new folks here on my page and a repeat for the Vets who have been the back bone of this page already. This is ASJ and I want to thank you for stopping by my page. Please keep in mind that on my page I show respect for all the other Rangers. I would ask that each of you do the same. I show respect for all FANS and ASK that each of you do the same. These are two of my House Rules! I respect all opinions wether they are for or against me, as long as they are not profane or ugly towards others or myself. Statements that fall in those categories will be deleted by either myself and or the Admins like Susan and Mel, whoever gets there first. Repeat offenders will be banned, no exceptions!!! Last, let me say thank you to all who have seen through the recent smoke screen and gone out of the way to come find the truth. You are more valuable than you know. Anyone who is looking to see all of my videos in there unedited original state, please check out my Youtube page. Thanks so much again!!!!!-ASJ

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