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The GRID: Episode 49: “True Blue to the Exit”
Sponsored by CSToys and Big Bad Toy Store!

Welcome to Episode 49 of The GRID, where we discuss such hot topics as the new members of the Morphin’ Legacy family, NEW POWER MORPHICON GUESTS, and Blake Foster announcing his departure from the convention circuit.

This week, there is no new Super Megaforce due to the hiatus, but we review ToQger Episode 8, “Explosion on the Rainbow Line”, and our random episode, “The Flute” from Power Rangers Wild Force.

We answer YOUR questions this week, and cover Power Rangers Trivia!


Hello Friends! Morphin’ Legacy is currently looking for another Staff Writer to join our Team on the Website! I’m looking for people with great grammar and spelling skills to write News Articles or Any Editorial on Power  Rangers or Super Sentai! If Interested in joining  our Family send an inquiry to Subject:Staff Position! - cupofwater03

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