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Hello Friends! Morphin’ Legacy is currently looking for another Staff Writer to join our Team on the Website! I’m looking for people with great grammar and spelling skills to write News Articles or Any Editorial on Power  Rangers or Super Sentai! If Interested in joining  our Family send an inquiry to Subject:Staff Position! - cupofwater03


Megaranger was a wonderful series,  I was surprised to get more of a MMPR feel from it then Inspace.  It rarely dragged and had some truly entertaining moments.

First Character I fell in love with - Kenta.  He was just a giant dork and I loved it

Character I love more then I thought I would - Hayakawa,  He came off like Kenta’s sexier, smarter older brother.  I mean really.  He was slightly eccentric and could wear the shit out of a tank top

Prettiest Girl - Chisato

Prettiest Guy - Hayakawa

Couples I ship- Kouichirou/Chisato and Shun/Miku

Onto My 20 sentai  - Not quite sure.  I need to find another that is fully subbed next.

Top 5 Sentais

1) Gokaiger

2) Gobusters

3) Jetman

4) Abaranger

5) Boukenger

But In Space wasn’t supposed to feel like MMPR…

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