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After the breaking news about the creative team behind the Power Rangers reboot movie, I stumbled onto these babies! Are these leaks of the concept behind the new film? I checked the website from the Can1Live logo, but nothing was there. If this is what the style will look like for the next film, I’m so stoked for it!

The Executive Producer and screenwriters were JUST announced, so there is absolutely NO content to even speak of right now. No script. No cast. No concept art.

This is all just an independent artist’s Photoshop work.

Power Rangers Movie Reboot Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz Confirmed As Pink Ranger? 'Hit Girl' Says She's Excited To Be Kimberly Hart!




Liam Neeson as Zordon? Meryl Streep as Rita Repulsa?! This project is getting really interesting

I can’t tell whether this article is a joke or not.

How has a single article of speculative dream casting been referenced by so many other articles at this point?

How come every time this filth of a website spouts out a bunch of drivel, you folks just eat it all up?

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